Where to Ride a E-Bike

Looking to find a new adventure check out our recommended routes 

Biking in Coquitlam

Coquitlam has a hidden gem for riding bikes. The trail has consistent forestation creating that quiet environment. During your trip, you will interchange with urban to a  greenery environment, Letting you admire the peacefulness. Along the trail, you will see the Coquitlam River which is perfect for a swim on a hot summer days. 

Biking to White Pine Beach, Port Moody

White Pine is known for its popular hikes and its freshwater lake. In fact, it is one of the closest swimmable lakes to the lower mainland. On hot summer days, White Pine Beach is known to be busy with very limited parking. Guest that go there tends to walk for 30 – 40 mins to get to the beach.  Rent an e-bike from us at Port Moody and you can get there in 20 mins. Perfect for a full day of activities and forget the hassle of finding parking and getting towed.

Explore The Richmond Coast

Did you know you can ride the Richmond Dykes? Riding a E-Bike along the coast takes you away from the urban city brings you a 180 degrees view of the ocean. Ride in the evening and watch the warm sunset as you ride down to Stevenson where you can finish off dinner or end your night with some ice cream. 

Boundary Bay Trail, Tsawwassen - White Rock

Looking for a change of scenery, riding the boundary bay will take you away from the city and bring you view of the bay,  farmlands, and access to beaches. 

Stanley Park - Granville Island

The most famous bike ride in Vancouver. The sea wall is always a tourist activity must do. Since Stanley park is one way we recommend starting out at Waterfront and finish at Granville island.  There lots to see and lots to eat along the way.,